What is Ear Gear?

Find out how Ear Gear is the best protection for your hearing instrument.

What is Ear Gear? 

Ear Gear is a spandex sleeve that slides onto your hearing instrument to protect it from moisture, sweat, dust, dirt and wind noise. The Ear Gear corded models come with a 9-inch elastic cord and clip that can be attached to clothing, preventing your hearing instrument from falling off and getting lost. 

How does Ear Gear protect against Sweat, Moisture, Dirt, Dust and Wind Noise?

Ear Gear has a unique double wall of spandex that provides protection against sweat, rain, and moisture of all kinds. Ear Gear’s spandex will actually absorb moisture, in many cases preventing it from reaching the hearing instrument’s microphone port, battery door, or sensitive interior circuitry. 
This is especially helpful when you are in a dusty or outdoor environment. Since Ear Gear is acoustically transparent, you can hear clearly while sailing, biking, fishing, running and any other athletic activity. 

If your Ear Gear does become moist, be sure to remove it from your hearing instrument and allow it to dry before the next use.

Does Ear Gear affect the sound quality of my hearing instrument?

No. Test results have shown that Ear Gear is acoustically transparent. 


What is Ear Gear made out of? 

The Ear Gear sleeve is composed of a nylon-spandex blend. The composition is 82% nylon and 18% spandex. 

The cord is made of rubber silk with a polyester yarn cover. The O-ring is made of rubber and the clip is made of plastic. Ear Gear contains no latex and its fabric is considered hypoallergenic. 

Standard Colors of Ear Gear

We currently offer the following standard colors: Beige, Chocolate Brown, Black, Grey, Lipstick Pink, Royal Blue, Camouflage, and Orange-Red.

If you’re interested in additional colors, we also offer Custom Ear Gear with many more color options to choose from. Learn more about Custom Ear Gear.