Standard Models of Ear Gear

Ear Gear is available in a number of models and sizes. Most of them come in your choice of Cordless, Corded, and Mono (the one exception being ITE models). 

Ear Gear Micro fits the smallest hearing aids that are 1” or less.

Ear Gear Mini fits hearing aids between 1” and 1.25”. 

Ear Gear Original fits hearing aids between 1.25” and 2”. 

Ear Gear FM fits hearing aids between 2” and 3”, as well as hearing aids with FM units attached. 

Ear Gear Cochlear fits Cochlear BTE processors from Cochlear, Advanced Bionics, Med-el and Neurelec. These fit processors 2-3” in length. An optional Ear Gear Coil is a single layer sleeve that slides over the coil magnet of the cochlear implant. 

Ear Gear Rondo fits most Rondo and Kanso processors. 

Ear Gear Baha fits most Baha and Ponto processors. 

Ear Gear ITE is a little different than the rest. These provide security for ITE (“in the ear”) style hearing aids. This is the only model that does not have a spandex sleeve.