Custom Models

In addition to our standard Ear Gear colors, we offer a wide range of custom options. You can even mix and match colors between each sleeve, the cord, and the clip to reflect your unique personality. 

Mixing Colors

If you're wanting to mix and match the colors of your Ear Gear sleeves - say, a red sleeve and a blue sleeve - you can do that through our Custom Order page. Custom Orders have several additional colors outside of our standard colors, so you can find a color combination that matches your personality.

Mixing Sizes

If you have a different sized hearing instrument in each ear, please contact us through email or our Live Chat. We can accommodate this, but will want to confirm a few things with you first to ensure that we create the right Ear Gear for you. 

If you are unsure of what size Ear Gear you need, please submit a photo to  of your hearing instrument next to a ruler so we can ensure that your Ear Gear properly fits your hearing instrument. 

We don’t offer returns or exchanges on custom Ear Gear, so please help us ensure that you order the right size. 

Order Custom Ear Gear